30 Leaves in 30 Days Series

I challenged myself to make 30 leaves within 30 days during the Ontario COVID19 lockdown in January 2022. This project is part of the Love-me-Back Tree initiative.

I used Beam Paints for many of these pictures. Paint pigments are sustainably harvested in the LaCloche mountain range near M’Chigeeng First Nation on Manitoulin Island.

Yellow series. Black Beech (group, single), English Walnut, Pine (twice), Ginkgo tree. Swipe to see series.

Purple series: Red Oak (x3), Red Maple, English Walnut, Willow (series of 2). Swipe to see series.

Red series: Tulip tree, Sugar Maple (x2), Linden, Poplar, Cedar. Swipe to see series.

Black series. Red Maple, Butternut Walnut (x2), English Walnut, Silver Maple, Sycamore Maple (series of 3). Swipe to see series.

Random — Largetooth Aspen and a few digital images of leaves that got me started on this tree obsession, Sumac, Butternut Walnut and White Oak.

A few organizations to check out if you want to support tree habitat conservation and research: Tree Canada, CPAWS, or Nature Conservancy Canada which works with ranchers, farmers and other landowners to move their holdings into conservation areas.

For some resources to identify trees check my blogpost. Thanks for your interest!

Catalpa, Poplar, Linden – digital conversion into sepia.