Nandy Heule’s  writing has appeared in national print and online publications across Canada. Fun facts: she helped write a Smart Tax Tips Guide with tax accountants and a coffee table book for a Saudi princess. She writes a blog post once in a while (or not).

 Recent bylines

  • Colour, Art, and the Christian Calendar as an Act of Worship, Reformed Worship (March 2022) – with L. Postuma and K. Zwart-Hielema. A feature article on the community art project Seasons of Being.
  • OCAD U – Art Review on Luis Jacob’s work at the inaugural 2019 Toronto Biennial (Oct. 2019)
  • OCAD U online story on artist David Salazar (Jan. 2019)
  • The Banner story on Indigenous healing ceremony (Oct. 2017)
  • Anglican Journal story on Indigenous healing ceremony (Oct. 2017)
  • Anglican Journal story on textile artist Karen Brodie in Golden, B.C.
  • Q & A with Dr. Kelly Douglas Brown on racial injustices
  • Pray for justice? Guest editorial on Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibit at AGO.
  • Microfinance and Northern mining.  Article
  • Bittersweet news from fair trade. Article
  • Investment turns landowners into entrepreneurs. Article
  • Program banks on South African’s “unbankable citizens.” Article

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